Welcome to the Changing Mindsets Project


Changing Mindsets is an Office for Students, formally HEFCE, funded project that began in 2017 and is an intervention focused on closing the attainment gap of BME and working class students. The Changing Mindsets intervention was developed by Professor Sherria Hoskins and has existed in several different capacities since 2012. Changing Mindsets is based on Dweck’s Implicit Theories of Intelligence, in which Dweck argued that intelligence is malleable and that teachers can help pupils develop a growth mindset by praising their effort and persistence, over their innate intelligence. This iteration of Changing Mindsets is a student and staff workshop-based intervention that builds a growth mindset: the belief that intelligence is not a fixed characteristic and can be increased through effort.


The Project Partnership includes: University of Portsmouth; University of Arts, London; University of Brighton; University of Winchester, this intervention aims to close the attainment gap in student experience, retention, progression, academic attainment and employability by changing mindsets and eroding stereotype threat and implicit bias as barriers to learning.

OfS changing mindsets poster Oct 2018